Godzilla Week

I decided to make this week "Godzilla Week" on Toyriffic, if for no other reason than to see if I can keep on one topic for a whole week. Another reason is that Blue Oyster Cult will be at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk this Friday. If I get the chance I'd love to go and hear them play "Godzilla."

Oh yeah, and because I really need to talk about something besides Batman. I don't want to sound like a broken record!

Giant monsters, known as Kaiju in Japan, sure are nifty. The granddaddy of them all is of course Godzilla. It's surprising how many representations Godzilla has had since his debut in 1954. He's like a Japanese James Bond.

This is a Japanese imported Bandai vinyl figure, representating Godzilla's 1968 look. There was a recent American Bandai release of the same 1968 Godzilla, which I have seen in stores but do not yet own. The primary difference is that this version has a straighter tail, and may be a little smaller.

I think this is my favorite Godzilla look. He's a bit "cartoony," but he's how Godzilla looked in most of the movies I watched Sunday mornings on the local UHF station as a kid.



  1. Sweet Godzilla, the 68 has to be my favorite! So they have a similar one in stores huh, I'm going to have to go track him down... Can't wait to see more Godzilla week!

  2. Yeah, although the American version was a 2006 or 2007 release, I recently noticed local Kmarts and ToysRus stores getting them in.

  3. this Godzilla is a bit cartoonish but that's his strong point. BOC on the boardwalk? Sounds fun but I think we need more cowbell..lol