Godzilla Week Lumbers On...

Today's entry is Bandai's 1954 Godzilla, representing his first appearance on screen. If you haven't seen the original Japanese version of Godzilla, you should. It is much more of a commentary on nuclear weapons (from the only people in history to have a nuclear weapon used against them) and is much more than just a "monster movie." I decided to do black and white images because the '54 film is in black and white.

He's 6" tall and made of vinyl, like the '68 I posted yesterday. He's dated 1998.

He looks just like his movie counterpart, especially when photographed in black and white.

Stupid lizard. Forget about "Yawn-zilla Weak" and bounce on over to Eclectorama for "Joker Week."


  1. I'm totally digging Godzilla week! I think it would be cool to see a group shot at the end of the week! Godzilla Rocks!

    The black and white pics are awesome!

  2. haha...the joker can really weasel his way into anything...I love it!