And now for something completely different...

Well, not completely. It's still Batman themed.

In honor of my second viewing of The Dark Knight yesterday, I am presenting my Corgi 1950s Two Face Two Tone sedan!

Corgi released one of the best series of Batmobiles (and the only accurate series of villain mobiles) in the early 2000s. This car came out around 2005, near the end of the line's run, when stores like Rite-Aid began carrying them while stores like Wal-Mart had stopped selling the line. This was one of the last ones I found, and one I wanted the most. They were all approximately 1:43 scale, and fit right in along side the now classic Corgi Batvehicles from the sixties and seventies.

The car is clearly a mid-50s high-end sedan, split right down the middle with one side being shiny and clean and the other being all rough and "ugly." They even used a textured paint on the rough side to give it that old car oxidized/rusted look and feel.

There's a coin popping up through the hood, and since you can't flip it they designed it to be pristine on the clean car side and scarred on the other.

The hood opens to reveal more of the engine compartment. Even the engine is asymmetrical. Cool!

Bad Harvey. Rat Rods and Rock and Roll!

Good Harvey. Class act Cadillac. Turn up the Bach.

The detail on this one is great. Even the interior is split down the middle, green on the good side and purple on the bad.

I honestly don't know if Two Face ever drove this car in the comics, but all the other Corgi cars in this series were based on comic appearances. If anyone knows what issue it appeared in let me know, I'd love to compare it to the original art.


  1. these are nice...i totally missed them when they were out!

  2. I missed this one too! That is one sweet ride, I didn't realize the coin passed through the hood! Nice!

    I think I have his buddies ride coming up on tomorrows blog, I've said it before and I'll say it again great minds think alike!