On the Prowl...

Transformers Universe Classics Prowl that is.

I finally found this guy today. He is part of the re-launch of Transformers Classics, which was out a couple years ago and re-introduced classic G1 characters in all new designs that remained true to their original flavor, and especially to their cartoon likenesses.

Prowl here rocks. He's my "must have" of the current release (which also includes Sunstreaker and Tankor. I look forward to picking up a Sunstreaker soon!) I never had Prowl as a kid, but always loved and respected his character on the cartoon.

This "Universe" series is great. There's plenty of articulation, making the toys true "action figures" in their robot modes, as opposed to the near statue quality of most G1 Transformers. The transformations are clean and have little excess "kibble." In fact, Prowl here is designed so well even his shoulder cannons just tuck right under his windshield. The originals are famous for lost parts because usually those "extra" bits were removable components. Even Universe Prowl's pistol folds in half and tucks into his undercarriage in vehicle mode making it hard to lose or misplace. Brilliant.

Here's a "not ready for G1 players" lineup shot. Universe Prowl, Action Master Bumblebee, and Energon Downshift (aka Wheeljack.) Good times.

In vehicle mode, Prowl is still an homage/update from his G1 Datsun form.

He looks like a Nissan Z, the current iteration of the Datsun 240z that G1 Prowl and Bluestreak and Smokescreen and a couple others were based on.

Sadly, it wasn't until this photo that I noticed the off-center faction symbol. Hey Hasbro, you don't have to pay homage to my poor decal attachment skills of the eighties. Sheesh.

You can also see on the passenger headlight/fender where the paint app is a bit off, making it appear that there is a large gap. I suggest you look these over in the stores thoroughly before getting them home. I'll live, but some toy collectors are more anal than me.

He looks good coming and going. Of course, this is how you want to see a Highway Patrol vehicle. Going in the opposite direction, that is.

These Universe Classics retail in the ten dollar range. More are planned, including Ironhide (yippee) and Hound (double yippee!)

"Autobots, Transform and roll out!"

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  1. "poor decal attachment skills of the eighties." DAMN, you said it! You should have seen my application of stickers to my batcopter and batwing. Til this day I still beat myself up about it. lol.