"...but I already battened down the hatches!"

"Well then batten them down again, we'll teach those hatches!"

Our landlord has this old 1943 boat parked by our house. It's the coolest piece of yard art I've seen in a long time. He stopped by today to do some maintenance. While he was here he uncovered the boat, so I figured it was the perfect time to shoot some pictures of it.

With Mezco's Storm Gear Popeye from Series 2.

"She just needs some elbow greaske and a little love"

"Ugh, I can'sk see the oshkin for the trees!"

"Better hoisk anchor or this'll be a short trip!"

"Smooth seas...I may be overdresked."

"Full speed ahead!"

"ahh, nuthin' like the freshk salt air."

"I think I'll drive al fresco today"

"Well blow me down...there ain't no oshkin here, only pavemensk!"

"Maybe I oughtsta take a closker look at the moorings..."

"WHOAH! Where's the water? Is thisk a schooner or a duner?"

"One thing's for sure, we don't needs a bigger boat."


  1. don't forget, Popeye wasn't a USN man, he was a Coastie!

    esbat: I was wondering how to spell
    that myself. It's a lot like spelling a 'raspberry'