Feeling Gassy

Rex Mason, aka Metamorpho, is the "Collect and Connect" figure for DC Universe Classics Series One. In order to obtain him you must first purchase the entire series, collecting a piece of him along with each figure. Left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, and torso. Once you have them all, you can construct Metamorpho, the Element Man! The figure is brilliantly sculpted, capturing his multi-elemental properties with a mud leg, a clear glass/ice leg, a rocky arm, and his other arm which is some kind of purple chain mail...I guess.

And as if a complete Metamorpho weren't cool enough, he even comes with added appendages to enhance his elemental changing powers!

His right arm comes with a rocky, magma-esque enlarged hand:

His left arm comes with a metal looking hammerhead at the end of a gaseous wrist transformation:

And his right leg comes with a mud-like fountainous mount:

All together, Metamorpho becomes quite the formidable hero!

This figure is great. There are plenty of reasons to collect the entire DCUC Series One, but Metamorpho alone would be enough to convince me!


  1. So far I have a right leg and hand, so mine doesn't look as good! That is one great looking toy!

  2. WOW! The magma hand is the highlight for me. I was always a fan of Metamorpho. The original Batman and the Outsiders comic series in the '80s are the best, I have the entire first line and most of the 2nd. Now that's what they should make a movie of after Watchmen blows everyone away!