Four Hot Wheels...Plus Two!

Besides the '66 Batmobile, this is the coolest Hotwheel ever made:

The '55 Chevy Panel was released by Hotwheels as a First Edition in 2006. It was an instant classic.

The First Edition was released in less numbers than standard First Editions, making it one hot, and hard to find, Hot Wheel.

It has since seen release in a couple other series, such as the silver/flamed Since 68 shown here:

Besides being an awesome, solid, large, mean Hotwheel, one more thing that makes the '55 Panel special, and especially cool, is this:

Pop the back open and slide out the chopper baby!

Now if THAT isn't the coolest thing Hotwheels had done in, well, ever, then I don't know what is. (Besides of course the '66 Batmobile, which is in a class by itself!)


  1. That is cool, are those out now?

    I'm digging that silver and orange flame version!

  2. The blue First Edition was out in the end of 2005/beginning of 2006.

    The silver one was released recently in the "Since '68" series, and I have seen them recently in shippers at places like Longs, for about $5.99 or so.

  3. At the risk of sounding stoopid... shippers? longs?

  4. lol

    The "shippers" are the cardboard standee/holders that have a bunch of Hotwheels in them - store employees just unpack them and set them up in the middle of the toy aisles instead of having to peg all the individual items.

    "Longs" must be a California only thing - it's just a drug store/pharmacy chain, kind of like "Walgreens" or "Rite Aid" or "CV Pharmacy" or "Lassoes and More" (haha - just a little jab on Texas at the end there ;) )

  5. I was just at a Lassoes and more the other day gittin a new fangled hitch fer ma horse!

    Shippers never heard it called that, huh... learn sumpin new everyday!