A Funeral "Durge" for Eyes Gone Blind...

In 2003, Cartoon Network released a "micro-series" of cartoon shorts about the Star Wars Clone Wars. Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky (most notably responsible for the unbelievably awesome Samurai Jack,) these mini cartoons were sweet little action-packed space-balls of fun.

An action figure line was also released in conjunction with the series. I believe it was a Target exclusive series, and was limited to only four or five figures. It was really more of a "staction-figure" line, as the figures tended to be elaborately posed and very limited in articulation. They were designed in the highly stylized look of the Clone Wars cartoons, and were essentially mini-maquettes.

Of the few characters released, the hands-down best figure from the line is Durge:

Another Star Wars Universe type armored (and armed) space villain, Durge looks like an old Knight of the Round Table, complete with removable jousting lance.

His proportions are very similar to Bruce Timm's designs for the Batman, Superman and Justice League cartoons. His figure is about the same size as those toys too, and posed in the same basic stance, so he displays well with them.

Durge has articulation at the base of his helmet, at mid-torso, at the shoulders, and at the wrists. No leg articulation makes him difficult to stand, but he did come with a base so I guess that makes up for it.

He also has a little jet pack for high flyin' fun!

Made of a harder plastic than most action figures, and painted in a matte finish, Durge looks as though he stepped straight off the screen!

I know nothing more about this character other than what was shown in the cartoon shorts, which is very little. And you know what? I've realized, That's what's missing from most of today's "Star Wars."

Part of the magic of the Star Wars universe was always the mystery. Sadly, there's no mystery anymore. Everything has been explained to death. Lucas and his ilk have concentrated so hard on backtracking in order to give reason to every little detail, they have forgotten how much fun it is to NOT know. I wish I never found out who Boba Fett really was, or who built C3PO, or how Luke and Leia were separated. Or at least, in the "answering," I wish some new mysteries could have been created. Midichlorians? Bah Humbug!

And with that I leave you with a little bit of Durge from The Clone Wars Chapter 8, because everything about these cartoons is awesome:


  1. What a wonderfully obscure Rush lyric in the title! At least not one of their more widely known songs.

    Check out this link for pics of the whole Animated Clone Wars Line, or should I say the FIRST Animated Clone Wars line!


    Also couldn't agree more about the magic of Star Wars!

  2. Great catch on that lyric CB! I didn't think anyone would get it, but then again your awesomeness is like a mirror image of mine, so I shouldn't be surprised.

    Thanks for that link, I actually hadn't realized they released that many figures in the series. The only other one I have is Yoda.