Geek Credentials

Chunky B over at Eclectorama has started a new internet Meme: "Geek Credentials." It sounded like my cup of meme, so here's my contribution to the newest sensation to rock the inter-nation!

Remember the scene in The Dark Knight, where a bunch of Gothamites have dressed up as Batman and have decided to become vigilantes of their own? They just end up getting in the way, or dead, and tend to make matters worse for our hero in blue and grey.

Well let me tell you, you ain't a Bat-Geek unless you have a few guys like that in your collection. The wanna-bes, the fakers, the posers. You know the ones: the "I can't believe it's not Batman" crowd.

Well behold, and BELIEVE!

"...I agree, that Bale kid gave a great reading. But the agency sent over four more at the last minute...let's at least see what they have to offer before calling it a day."

First up we shall examine Adam. This guy is so "not Batman" that the toyline he was produced for, Tech Deck, was actually forced to stop producing him. See ya' later, finger skater.

Next up is Bat-Duck. He was actually released as a McDonald's premium many years back, along with Super-Bugs, Wonder-Pig, and Taz-Flash. Very spiffy figures...but sorry duck, no luck.

The outfits are removable, but the movie is sans nudity, so it won't score you any more points. Next!

Here we have Wile E. Coyote in his Bat-Man's Outfit. Manufactured by Acme.

Flight capabilities? Impressive. But...green?!?! We'll call you when they cast for Hal Jordan. And...sheesh...eat a sandwich will ya? You're nothing but skin and bones!

Finally we have Bartman. From the Secret Identity handbook: Page one. Chapter one. Don't use your real name as a component of your superhero name. Have you ever heard of a hero named Bat Wayne? Peter Spider? Super Kent? Guy Gardner?...

Never mind.

As a Post Script, I give you a couple "I can't believe it's not Batman" characters who actually kind of are. First up is Batzarro from DC Direct:

As drawn by Ed McGuinness in Batman/Superman, this guy is pretty fun. He has real chains hanging from beneath his cape (because they make a lot of noise) No eyes, an inverted Bat as well as an upside down utility belt (with opened pockets, having spilled out their contents long ago.)

I'm so geeky, I even drew him once. How's THAT for Geek Creds?

And lastly but not leastly we have Ace the Bat-Hound. From the recent Krypto the Superdog cartoon and toyline, this guy is the bee's knees. His collar serves as his "utility belt" and his cape flows majestically in the breeze, ready for the call to action from his "partner" Batman!

So there you have it. I'm a geek. (As if there were ever any doubt ;) )

Do you claim to be a geek? Prove it. What're your creds, Fred? Join in the Meme, Joaquin. Create a "Geek Credentials" post of your own, Joan!


  1. Oh wow, some of those are new to me, but I do have a few of those on your list!

    Thanks for joining in, it'll be fun to see if others fly their geek flag!

  2. Heck, one would say that my blog, "Random Acts of Geekery" IS my geek cred...

    ...but I think the fact that I have a white boxer named Krypto (and yes, he has the collar and cape for the costume, too) is about all the geek cred I need. One other blog (I forget which one off the top of my head) says that I established my blogger cred with that! Check http://waffyjon.blogspot.com/2008/03/by-10s-adventure-comics-210-300.html for just one of the Krypto blot entries he's in costume for!

    Well, that and the Give-A-Show Blog, perhaps.