The Brothers Grim(lock)

A trip to the not-so-nearby haunted Toys R US (more on that later) led me to find the new TRU exclusive Transformers Titanium Series War Within Grimlock! Here he is with...well...himself, from a couple different "universes."

This newest (oldest?) version of Grimlock represents his appearance from the IDW publishing comic book storyline "The War Within," which told a Transformers story set on Cybertron long before the Ark shot towards Earth.

Basically, this is Grimlock in his "original" Cybertronian form. I like this idea better than "we built him on Earth" as seen in both G1 and the current Animated series. Another aspect of the character I think is groovy is that he has a damaged vocal processor, which is why he speaks poorly. His iconic line "Me Grimlock" is phrased as such because of the vocal damage, not because he's an idiot.

Here's a close-up of the currently available Transformers Animated Grimlock.

And here's his original G1 self.

Titanium Grimlock comes with a sword as well as a laser rifle. A single glance at this guy screams "Grimlock." What a sweet design!

Now here he is in alt. mode. Of course, before coming to Earth, there were no dinosaurs to reference, so Grimlock was envisioned in the War Within comic as a Cybertronian tank.

He still has the design cues that reflect his later dinosaur mode, like the exhaust that will become arms...

and the length that is reflective of his Tyrannosaurus tail.

His gun also attaches to the back of his cab, and his sword is held on the side of his rear treads.

A brilliant Cybertronian design, I can certainly imagine Grimlock as a mean, heavily armed "take no prisoners" warrior from day one.

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