Preschool Week :: Imaginext Poison Ivy and Scarecrow by Fisher Price

Another theme week!

This week, we look at a bunch of toys intended for toddlers! So stick your thumb in your mouth or your finger in your nose and take a nap or throw a tantrum and don't eat your peas and be in bed by seven, because Preschool Week begins NOW!

Only the fourth female character to have made it to the DC Super Heroes Imaginext toyline line-up (behind Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn) - I present to you the chlorophyll cutie herself: Poison Ivy.

The detail on Poison Ivy is incredible. Her bodice and shoes are sculpted with all sorts of little details that could have been ignored in the design phase. Fisher-Price could have just given her a flat green oufit and called it a day. Her hair is nicely sculpted too, and the little plant details painted on her help her stand out as something more than just a green skinned gal. Of note: her arms are also much skinnier than the previous female Imaginext figures. It makes sense in a way because Ivy is not wearing sleeves/gloves like Catwoman or Harley, but I hope it doesn't mean female Imaginext figures are going to have a different body type moving forward. The line has lasted so long there are already design changes that make them a bit inconsistent when put together as a group (for instance, the previous sculpted faces vs. the latest painted-on faces.) And with the about-once-a-year female character releases Fisher Price seems to be keeping to, there will be massive design differences by the time we even get a handful of gals in our DC Imaginext collections!

Although Imaginext has been going strong for many years now, it's hard to believe Poison Ivy is only the fourth female character from the DC Comics line-up to make an appearance. More surprising, all three Batman themed females that they have made are villains! Sure, they made Wonder Woman, but considering other such no-brainers as Batgirl and Supergirl have yet to make the Imaginext roster of female characters, Poison Ivy is a welcome addition indeed, but does leave one wondering what goes on behind closed doors at the Fisher-Price offices!

Actually, as odd as it sounds, I honestly believe the primary gauge used for Batman themed character selection are the Arkham video games of recent years. Crazy, because this toyline is aimed at a fanbase much younger than that of the video games, but it makes sense considering that the Arkham video games have introduced Batman and his rogue gallery to a much larger audience than the comics and movies alone. It also makes sense because these toys are aimed at a young audience not familiar with the archaic mediums of entertainment their parents grew up enjoying. Like, basically, anything that doesn't have a screen!

When you consider the Arkham video games as a template for the Imaginext toyline, it makes sense to have Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, who all make prominent appearances in the games and not, say, Batgirl, who does not appear in the video games (okay, she appears as Barbara Gordon/Oracle, but that is different, especially for the non-comicbook geek.)

Anyways, that's my theory, and I am sure there are many other factors that play into Fisher-Price's character selection. But I think my theory is pretty solid, and may also be reinforced by the character Poison Ivy is packed with: Scarecrow!

Scarecrow also plays an important part in the Arkham series, and is apparently lined up to play an even bigger part in the upcoming Arkham Knight game set for release later this year.

Scarecrow is incredibly detailed, you can tell a lot of love and attention went into his design. He even has a noose sculpted around his neck - or at least a rope with a knot in it - I'd love to talk to the designers and hear if they are ever asked to tone their designs down or if they are given any specific 'no-nos' when making these kiddy toys.

Scarecrow comes with a scythe that I do not believe has made a previous appearance anywhere in the Imaginext toyline, and Poison Ivy comes with a vine that seems designed to hook on other Imaginext figures' necks or heads or whatever.

Fun for the whole family!


  1. Are these Target exclusive? Because I am going to have to track these down! I really like the new painted-on look of the characters, vs. the sculpted faces. I feel like the make them look much more stylish and appealing to adult collectors as well as folks just trying to find the characters for their kids. I took the leap with Catwoman, Clayface, and the Joker /Harley 2-pack, I can't pass up on having Ivy and Harley do their team-up thing!

    The pictures look great, Eric! Love what a good look you give us at the sculpts especially!

    1. Thanks Derek! This set is not an exclusive to any specific retailer, but I did find mine at Target.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks Scarecrow looks more like the old DC hero Ragman painted brown, especially with that extra hood rather than his trademark hat?

    1. You're right! Someone needs to make a custom Ragman figure!

  3. Another pair of figures I need to pick up. They look great, but just like every other toy company, such as Mattel, I wonder what happens behind closed doors. There definitely needs to be a Batgirl and Supergirl.

  4. OMG! OMG!!!
    Hope these will get release here!!!!

  5. Two of my favorite Batvillains! I'm *praying* that we get Cheetah as our next female character, since Wonder Woman desperately needs someone to fight.