Hold Me Closer, Tiny Camper...

This little car is an Autobianchi A 112. It's 1/53 scale and manufactured by Majorette. I think it's from around 1978, and it's stamped "No. 270" on the base.

Since it has a trailer hitch, I decided to hook up the 'ol Matchbox pop-up camper for the day!

This camper came out a couple years ago as part of a Matchbox Hitch N' Haul set. The casting has been released many times before in different series and sets, and it's dated 1999.

As you can see it lives up to it's name and design, and actually pops up...

...and down again.

I can honestly say that I don't know where this car came from. I probably got it from a garage sale, but I don't recall buying it. All I know is that I stuck it on my bedroom shelf because it's so cute.

The A 112 is pretty roughed up, but that adds to it's charm. Clearly someone played with it for many many hours. It also reminds me of Cliffjumper, which may explain why I like it so much.

From the back.

The hatchback opens too - man, I bet you could fit three whole bags of groceries in there!

It requires a stick to hold it up, which is probably a common problem with real Autobianchis as well.

It's difficult to see, but inside the camper there are a bunch of fun things molded into the plastic, like a sleeping dog...
...and a sleeping person. Fun stuff!


  1. This gets my vote for "Funniest Post Title Ever".

  2. Man. That camper trailer rules.

    My all-time favorite matchbox was still the elCamino with the two dirtbikes that clipped into the back.

  3. @ Reis - Thanks, and knowing that gives me a goal to shoot for in future titles ;)

    @ Arkonbey - I don't remember that El Camino, but I do remember a Hotwheels Ford pickup with a couple dirtbikes in the back.

    Fun times.

  4. Well. I guess it wasn't an El Camino after all, but you could see how I made the mistake...

    I managed to hold on to those dirt bikes for a long time. Even longer than the little phasers for my Mego Star Trek guys.

  5. Arkonbey,

    That's pretty cool. I looked it up - it's a Holden (Australian auto company) so yeah, I would have guessed "El Camino" too.