Car Toons Week Day 4: Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good

Day four of Car Toons week is kind of a cheat, because today's car is a cartoon car based on a real movie car: the inimitable Ecto-1!

This Ecto-1 represents the car as depicted in the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon series of the mid nineties. It's still very cartoony, but less stylized than the Ecto-1 from the Original Ghostbusters cartoon and toyline.

The car has gobs of features. The doors open to allow action figures inside, the satellite dish on top can be rotated by spinning a little dial on the side, and the hood pops up.

There are all sorts of nifty gadgets represented up top too, like a movie camera, lights, and other sciency looking doo-dads.

There are light bars on the front and back of the roof that light up, as well as a couple other random lights up there.

Under the hood you can attach a little launcher, which shoots some sort of ghost catching gizmo.

Another fun feature - the tailgate folds down...

...and a ghost containment unit slides out!

It's removable too...

...and has a lever to open it. I assume a tiny ghost figure would fit nicely inside, but I don't have one...unless he's INVISIBLE! BOO!

The bumper also drops off at the push of a button. I don't know if this is to deter tailgating ghosts or because the Ecto-1 is a jalopy, but it nearly kept this car from being featured this week. It had popped off in my garage and when I picked the car up last week I thought it had been lost! Thankfully it had just fallen behind some junk.

The car also makes some movie accurate sounds. A couple of them are just random elecrtonic beeps and buzzes, but my favorites are the proton pack sound and the "reeooor reeooor reeooor" siren sound!

It's hard to see, but there's a little image of a ghost that lights up inside the car as well.

Okay now, shout it with me...

Who ya' gonna' call?



  1. i'd love to drive this baby around. I don't mind the updated look of the car. Cool sounds too.

  2. Yeah I think this one is the right combo of cartoony to reality.

  3. That ghost containment unit must be for the REALLY big ghosts.

  4. lol yeah, the ghost containment unit is not quite to scale is it ;)