Car Toons Week Day 5: Come on, Get Involved 'til the Mystery is Solved!

Well kids, it's Friday, and that means the end of Car Toons week. So to wrap things up, we're presenting one of the most recognizable cartoon cars of all time, The Mystery Machine!

This Mystery Machine, like the Incredobile and Ecto-1, is four wheels of an action figure sized fun.

I originally bought this, as well as the whole Mystery Inc. gang, for myself. But my kids commandeered it a few years back, and have literally played with it until it's doors fell off! Fortunately, they are designed to reattach easily, and the Mystery Machine is no worse for years of play wear. That's one sturdy toy!

When I asked my oldest daughter where the characters were, she replied "I don't know." Which in kid speak can mean everything from "In the bottom of my toy bin" to "In my left hand" but unfortunately I was not able to locate them for the photo shoot. Sounds like the perfect Mystery for Mystery Inc!

Both doors open to allow all the characters to fit inside the cab.

And the back is hinged to open up wide for more mystery solving fun.

This thing really is a beauty. It was made by Equity Marketing Inc, and was released in 2000. I think it went through a couple decal decos as well, but this is the show accurate one, and therefore the best!

But wait, there's more! Released originally in 2001 as part of their Hollywood on Wheels series, Johnny Lightning first entered the Car Toon ring with this little 1:64 scale Mystery Machine!

This little guy is insanely cute.

And extremely accurate.

The deco is perfect, and while the wheels aren't the exact same as the cartoon, their at least a nice green instead of the wildly inaccurate chrome of the Flintstones' Sports Car.

I love all the cast in details, like the handles and door lines.

Here they are together. No mystery is too big...

...or too small.

Finally, I leave you with a local celebrity, Felton's own real life Mystery Machine!

Roooby roooby rooooo!


  1. I had this set, it came with a Scooby and Shaggy, like you said you had to buy the rest of the gang. Sadly mine was included in a box of stuff in a garage sale and I thought it might be bad for an adult to pry a toy out of the hands of a small girl when her mother bought the box of loose stuff... Oh well hopefully another fan was born that day.

    It is/was one of the coolest figure size vehicles around!

  2. Jinkies! What a great way to end the theme week! One of my favorite cartoon vehicles EVER!

  3. CB - I'm sure you created a Scooby Fan for life!

    Thanks Reis, it's certainly one of my favorites as well!

  4. i was always so tempted to buy this with the figures. My nephew has it and gets alot of play out of it. It's still available at toys r us. My only complaint is that its kind of oddly shaped. I always picture the old school mystery machine looking like a regular van. Definitely a fun playset with great looking figures though!

  5. Wow looks amazing!
    We have to find this!