I Am Also Iron Man

This is the greatest Iron Man action figure ever, from the Secret Wars line of the mid 1980s.

I had Iron Man, Wolverine, and Dr. Doom from this line as a kid, and they had many adventures together in my back yard. I vaguely knew who Iron Man was beforehand, but Wolverine and Dr. Doom were new characters to me, and they all seemed very exotic. Secret Wars was my first foray into the deeper comic book based toy universe (beyond the heavy hitters like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man etc.) and that bullet-train is still barreling forward at super speed to this day!

I don't have my original three any more, and had to re-obtain this one off eBay a couple years ago. I got a great deal, he was on an unopened card but it had a badly yellowed blister (that sounds icky) so he's technically brand new!

He came with this laser pistol for a weapon, which was cool to me because I was probably unfamiliar with his repulsor rays as a kid. I remember Dr. Doom also had this gun and maybe another, but Doom had a leg holster which he could slip it into which was pretty neato.

These Secret Wars figures were pretty simple, and most re-used multiple parts, with different paint apps. But Mattel went all-out for Iron Man. Each component is unique, and they actually sculpted his body armor details.

These were simpler figures for a simpler time, but they still stand out as great toys. Someday I hope to reacquire Wolverine and Dr. Doom too. Then it'll be just like 1985 all over again!

All the Secret Wars figures came with a shield (which only made sense for Captain America, yet also robbed him of any chance of an accurate accessory) and multiple double sided cards that can be placed into the lenticular shield for hours of back-and-forth goodness.
Each scene showed some action scenario or, in this case, Iron Man's alter ego Tony Stark (even though Jim Rhodes was acting as Iron Man during the Secret Wars comic series.)

Kind of cool, but it's not very smart to reveal your secret identity to the guys who are shooting at you.

If you want to take a walk down memory lane, check out this Secret Wars action figure index, and try not to get too angry at your mom for selling yours at that garage sale.


  1. Hey Eric!

    I'll follow you as well. Cool site! I'm a fan of all things toy as you may have seen lol. Will browse your site often!

  2. Oh my GOD! Iron Man is Ron Burgundy! AKA Will Ferrel! That is funnY!

  3. Secret Wars RULES! Ahhhh, the memories...

  4. Thanks Mike, and welcome!

    lol @ Dan - I wonder if that was a discussion they had in casting before settling on Downey. Had Tim Burton made Iron Man I bet Will Ferrel would have played him!

    Reis - Secret Wars does indeed rule.

  5. when i was a kid...super powers and star wars figures were the only ones better than secret wars! Tony Stark in the hologram actually looks more like Ron Burgundy.

  6. duh...im so lame... i just realized that Dan said that already. SORRY