Toward the Jones Home Drives the Batman...

When I started collecting Batmobiles almost twenty years ago, if someone would have said a toy company would someday make this car I'd have laughed in their face.

Yet a couple years ago Corgi did exactly that.

Part of the now defunct Corgi Batmobile series that ran through the early 2000s, this car represents the "proto-Batmobile" if you will.

An unassuming but "specially built, high powered" car for Batman to cruise town in, this red sedan is the predecessor of all Batmobiles to follow. A non-descript red sedan was first driven by Batman in Detective comics #27 (Batman's first appearance) and this toy is based on specific drawings from Detective #30, which presented the vehicle in a slightly more stylized fashion.

Driving this car would have allowed Batman to blend in with Gotham traffic and move with stealth from one side of town to another. Unlike every gaudy (but oh so cool) Batmobile to follow in the past seventy years.

In true Corgi fashion, this appx. 1:43 scale car has a few bonus features too, including opening driver...

... and passenger doors...

...as well as an opening trunk...

...with a spare Bat-Tire in case of a Bat-Flat!

This car is simply gorgeous.

The long front end reminds me of all those old cartoon gags. I can see Batman pulling up to the mob hangout, and the front end of the car keeps going and going and going until it pauses to show a sign hanging from it: "Monotonous, isn't it?"

I still can't believe this car was made into a toy, and wish the Corgi Batmobile line had kept going and going and going.

My love for Batman..."monotonous, isn't it?"

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  1. Look out Indy, Batman is coming after you! Oh wait that's another Jones.

    that is one sweet ride, I never saw this one, but I would have picked it up faster than Batman could change that Bat Spare!