Turn me on, Deadman

Another birthday has come and gone. Time to pick up the wrapping paper, slap some saran wrap over the leftover He-Man cake, throw the ice cream scooper in the sink, and take a look at all the loot!

We'll start with Deadman, who comes from the Target exclusive "Legends of the League" six figure JLU set I got with Grandma's birthday money.

Deadman, aka Boston Brand, was a circus performer who died and now exists in a state of limbo. He can, for short times, possess other peoples' bodies and minds.

Deadman is one of those funky comic book creations that you just can't help but love. Pop that collar, Deadman!

Deadman is also a fan of French techno:


  1. what's with those videos? lol. Nice post, deadman is a great character!

  2. @ CB - sounds like Deadman turned you on too lol!

    @ Jay - I found out about those vids on Deadman's Wikipedia page. Completely ridiculous and yet oddly appealing.