Play Mysterio For Me

If there were a country called Youlookstupidsylvania, this would be their King:

This is Mysterio. He looks like a moron. Ever see that show What Not to Wear?
This. Do not wear this. Ever. End of show.

He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko did drugs. Mysterio is the proof.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love Mysterio. I love him precisely because he looks so amazingly idiotic. The salad bowl helmet, the lantern wrist bands, the green spandex, the purple cape, the metallic golden boots. What's not to love?

This figure came out in 2005 as part of the Spider-Man Classics figure line. He looks so goofy I couldn't pass him up. He came with a cloud/smoke-like base which fired a couple missiles, but I have those packed away. Their absence in no way detracts from his goofyness. He was also later released as part of the Spider-Man Origins figure line, without the cloud base and with a more metallic paint scheme.

Mysterio has tons of articulation, as is standard for these Marvel Legends/Toy Biz figures, but it's pretty pointless and excessive for his character. Like DCUC figures, it's also worthless because his plastic cape inhibits his range of motion.

But Mysterio has another trick up his sleeve:

When you push a button on his back, a light shines to reveal his face! Keen!

But wait, there's more:

Push the button again and his head rotates to reveal the face of a monster! Yipes!

Push it once more and his head rotates to show the face of an Alien! Egads!

Let's look at that action in the dark, shall we?


Klaatu, barda, nikto.

Would you like fries with that?


  1. at first i was worried that that this figure was lame, like you said...but DAMN, that took a quick u-turn. Just for the head/light feature alone it gets major cool point. Really neat and cool looking.

  2. Yeah, he is lame looking, but that's the source material...and this figure is extremely true to the source material, while still maintaining the quality of Toy Biz' Marvel figures in sculpt.

    The light-up/rotating heads are just bonus points! :D