See: Hag

See Hag?

Si, Hag.

This beauty-school dropout is Popeye's arch nemesis, the Sea Hag! She was produced by Mezco in 2002 and was part of the second series of their oh so terribly short lived Popeye action figure line.

"I'll get you, my prett...sorry, wrong witch."

The Sea Hag came with her magic flute. I bet she plays a mean"Cross Eyed Mary."

Sea Hag also came with her pet vulture Bernard.

Bernard can be removed from his stand, and can also spread out his wings.

You go, Bernard!

As with all the Popeye figures, the cartoony sculpts are near perfect, and the detail is beautiful.

These figures were all clearly made with a true love for the source material, and continue to stand in my opinion as one of the greatest action figure sets of all time.

"Fly Bernard, and bring the one-eyed sailor to me!"

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