His & Hearse

A couple years ago Matchbox released one of the coolest 1:64 die-cast ever.

That's Die-Cast - with emphasis on DIE!

This 1963 Cadillac Hearse was first released in black (naturally) and has been released a couple times since. The second release is this pearl white number, and I believe you may be able to find a grey version on the pegs now - if you're lucky.

They tend to be very popular and sell quickly.

The detail is beautiful, and it's quite a surprising selection for a toy car.

Then again, what kid isn't a fan of the macabre in some form or another?

This is what I call going out in style!

There's also a fun little bonus, if you have really good eyes that is - on the inside is a coffin with a hand reaching out of the lid!

As if the Hearse wasn't cool enough!


  1. Okay, those are officially awesome. I'd never seen them before. Thanks for posting them!

  2. fantastic.

    Were they advertised with some sort of horror reference?

    It would have been just the thing to play with after the massive, Blues Brothers-esque MVAs we all staged as kids.

    verification word: Mings. Hi, I'm Ming the Merciless and this is my little brother Ming the Apathetic

  3. Thanks Reis, glad to be of service :)

    Arkonbey, these just hang with all the other general $1 Matchbox cars. Matchbox did release a Scooby Doo themed set of cars with one of these Hearses in brown and covered in Scooby Doo detailing or something, however.

    PS - don't forget their much hated cousin, Ming the Sarcastic. No one wanted to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner.

  4. Just looking for some confirmation on this, but I heard people put up such a squawk about the hearse model that it got cancelled - never to be released again. Have you heard this? Gotta get that Scooby hearse! The third one was in metalflake silver, I believe. Or maybe just silver. For those curious, here's a link to see it:



  5. Kenny, I haven't heard that about the Hearse. I'll have to look into that - what a shame if true!

  6. Just an update: I found the Scooby Doo version: