The Mothmobile Prophecies

I've written a few times about the Corgi Batmobile series of the mid 2000s. One of the most exceptional components of the series was the inclusion of comic accurate villain mobiles. One of the final villain mobile releases was also probably the most obscure and difficult to obtain...

The menacing Mothmobile!

The Mothmobile, driven by the not so threatening Killer Moth, is unique in that it is a three wheeled vehicle, with only one wheel at the rear.

All the Corgi releases had an "action feature" of some sort and the Mothmobile is no different: If you push down on the front end, the wings pop out.

The really amazing thing about this series is that they spared no expense. Often toy companies make lower level characters out of existing parts and kind of cobble together an extra, but not true with Corgi. The wheels are even unique all the way down to their Mothcaps. (I wonder how history would have been different had Jason Todd tried to steal those. Get on it, Grant Morrison!)

You can see why it's a three-wheeler, as the rear end tapers to a point.

Even gaudy Killer Moth is well represented piloting his kooky ride!

Mattel is now producing a series of Batmobiles in about the same 1:43 scale. They're nice, but they pale, PALE I say, in comparison to this line of Corgi vehicles in quality, value, playability, creativity...I could go on. Instead I will just go stare at my Batmobile shelf and smile.


  1. Cool! I'll have to look into that.

  2. I agree. The Corgi mobiles are the best!! I missed out on this one. Does this one have an embossed image of Killer Moth on the bottom? I love how Corgi adds extras like this.

    Now, that you've done your photo review, you're probably done with this. Do you need my address? ;)