Wearin' o' the Green

St. Patrick's Day is Tuesday, and the nation is awash in green as folks start their celebrations a little early this weekend.

So to honor the holiday in a manner other than by consuming mass quantities of Guinness and Corned beef (although that will happen too) I bring you the Emerald Archer himself, Green Arrow!

This is the DC Infinite Heroes Green Arrow that is currently available in a three pack and a single carded version. The figure is the same (as far as I know) no matter which way you get him, and mine came to me as a single.

Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, comes with a compound bow accessory.

So far he is the only DCIH figure I have gotten that comes with any type of accessory. I don't need unnatural accessories for the sake of accessories, but a Green Arrow without his bow is like a Dr. Manhattan without his...well...you know. So I'm really glad GA has it.

He also has a quiver and arrows strapped to his back but they are molded on and non-removable. That's okay and in no way does it detract from the fun factor and coolness factor of this GA.

If Mattel's goal is to only release DC Infinite Heroes figures with relevant and logical accessories I applaud the effort and believe in the adage "less is more."

The hooded costume is an awesome look for Green Arrow and really makes this figure stand out among it's contemporaries. I am a huge fan of his classic look, but I must admit this hooded costume figure is a real treat for the eyes. There are a lot of details too.

The face is also an excellent sculpt. With his domino mask and goatee, Oliver is ready to fire off a few arrows on Friday and spend Saturday at the Ren. Faire with Dinah.

Green Arrow brings our DCIH tally to:

Infinite Heroes: 3
Infinite Villains: 1



  1. That's a nice looking figure. I wish someday a decent working toy bow would be made, Wouldn't be hard to make a small tube with spring, you could pull back arrow and twang it.

  2. I'm really liking these little guys. I'm sticking to just the Bat-characters, tho. Buying any of the other characters will just lead to a slippery slope for me...and there are just too many of them.

    With the small scale, I hope we start to see things like vehicles and playsets. Batcave, PLEASE!!!

  3. Handsome figure! You should make use of it's articulation and strike some pose man.

  4. Dan= I had a Big Jim character named "Warpath". He had a bow that worked really well.

    It had a hole where the arrow would go on the bow. Place the arrow in the hole, notch up the arrow, pull back on the elastic band, aim and fire!

    It didn't have an arrow tip but had a circle with the P.A.C.K. logo on on the end.

    Here is the only picture I could find.

    Cool Green Arrow. I have a Batman and a Joker.

  5. Dan, a functioning toy bow may sound like a good idea...but you'll shoot your eye out!

    Brian A., I am trying to limit myself as well. Which isn't too hard...they're still pretty hard to come by in my neck of the woods though - I haven't even seen Batman yet!

    LEon, maybe I'll get some new pics soon, I want to re-visit this one outside when weather and time cooperates with me!

    Brian, cool Big Jim info - thanks for sharing!

  6. Bubba= My Walmart restocked last night and the new shipment had three Batmen.

    The only other Bat character was Joker and a Nightwing.

    I can never find the Hotwheels around here tough. Bummer :(

  7. Brian - I know what you mean - I never even saw the Tumbler on shelves from series one and now series two is as absent as, well, Batman in the comics right now!