I'm Bringin' Sectaur Back

Remember the Sectaurs?

These guys were Caleco's answer to the pseudo-science-fiction slash barbarian-warlords toys of the eighties - a Masters of the Universe type insect-human hybrid world of giant bugs and guys with antenna growing from their foreheads!

I had a few of these guys when they came out but they didn't survive in my collection to adulthood. I found Prince Dargon here at the local swap meet a couple weeks ago.

When I had my original Dargon, he came with a giant Dragonfly steed with movable wings. Another cool gimmick Sectaurs incorporated into their steeds was the fact that they were actually puppets - their legs were gloves that your fingers fit into (and I think you could also manipulate the creature's jaws.)

Another awesome part of the Sectaurs toyline was that each figure had a "pet" insect, and where Masters of the Universe figures each had a different action feature, for Sectaurs it was their bugs that had the mad skills!

I found this bug at the same swap meet, from the same seller, a week later. He wasn't Prince Dargon's bug, but buggers can't be choosers. His name is Toxcid and he belonged to the evil Skito. Toxcid's "action feature" is that he can squirt water. That's a pretty cool action feature for a toy bug!

Someday I'd like to get some complete and well conditioned Sectaurs again, but in the meantime I'm glad to have these fine specimin skittering about.


  1. I had one of the figures that came with the big bug to ride on, but I think it was one of the characters from the opposing force.

    Fly me a river!

  2. These have to be the most underated figures of all time. When much out there was crap they had a awesome look combined with kick ass accessories. Definatelyt due for a comeback..thanks for the reminder.

  3. Sweet! I forgot about Sectaurs! My neighbor had one and the puppet was really neat. I bet it would be discouraging to get one now and not be able to fit your adult hand in the steed.

    I still have all my Masters figures. I am contemplating selling my Eternia playset on eBay because I guess there is an actual demand for it. My stickers were never stuck, (maybe one or two were, but I remember them all being on the sticker sheet last time i looked at them)and I still have all the accessories (except they are all blending in with the other castle accessories at this point - i also have all the other playsets), and I even kept the box because the art was so neat, but the box is so messed up now I just store it flat.

    this is @suckahpunch's husband by the way. :-)

  4. Very cool!

    Word Verification: borzer
    Sounds like an '80s cartoon villain!

  5. Mario! - I think the villains rode a Spider and a Beetle.

    Calvin - I agree - I'd love to see Sectaurs handled ala Marvel Legends and DCUC

    Ryan - I want you to have a garage sale soon. It sounds like all you have is clutter - Call me when you do ;)

    Darius - Borzer - wasn't he a member of Sha-Na-Na? :P