We Been Dancin' With Mr. BrownCostume

Brown Costume Wolverine
(sung to the tune Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison)

Hey where did you go,
days when new toys came,
back in the eighties?
To buy a new game.
Or maybe an action figure hey, hey
Secret Wars or somethin',
Oh yeah that toyline really
Got my heart a thumpin' with you,
My brown costumed Wolverine,
You my brown costumed Wolverine.

You know I never
Got a Magneto,
But that was okay
cuz Wolvie was neato!
Playing in the sunlight laughing,
Hiding behind a sandbox wall,
Snikt-ing and a slicin'
All them bad ol' guys would fall, with you,
My brown costumed Wolverine,
You my brown costumed Wolverine.

Do you remember when we used to sing,
SNIKT nik nik nik nik nik nik nik nik nik nik nik; claws ta dah!

So hard to find good toys,
Now that I'm growin' old.
I saw you listed on eBay,
My your price has grown,
Cast my memory back there, Lord
Sometime I'm overcome thinking 'bout
Secret wars in the green grass,
Behind my childhood home with you,
My brown costumed Wolverine,
You my brown costumed Wolverine.

Do you remember when we used to sing
SNIKT nik nik nik nik nik nik nik nik nik nik nik; claws ta dah!

The Secret Wars Wolverine is the greatest Wolverine action figure ever made. So much so that I have never been compelled to purchase or own another Wolverine action figure since.

Until now:


Booyah! This is the way Wolverine will always look in my heart and soul. Blue and yellow is for sissies!

This Wolverine is from the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine line of action figures, which mixes movie and comic book characterizations into one great toy-line. Seriously, why hasn't any other comic book movie toyline taken this approach? It seems so simple yet so brilliant - there's something in it for everyone.

Wolverine comes with a red Katana. I don't know if this is relevant to any specific comic storyline but it seems familiar. Anyways, it's sort of redundant, seeing as how Logan has six of these sticking out of his body...but kudos to the toymakers for at least adding something cool and not a big satellite-laser or jet pack (I'm looking at YOU Mattel!) EDIT: I found info on the comic relevance of the red sword HERE

Speaking of Mattel - here's a side by side with Wildcat of DC Infinite Heroes fame. While the DCIH figures lack the uber-articulation of the Marvel Universe and Wolverine movie figures, they are the same scale and there's nothing cooler than the potential for all the DC/Marvel team-ups that will be happening on nerd shelves everywhere!

"Nice duds, bub."

SNIKT again, baby!

Like I said earlier, I have never taken ownership of Wolverine's blue and yellow spandex. When I met Wolvie this is the costume he was wearing, and it was many years until I even read a Wolverine comic, so he is indellibly etched in brown in my brain.

Someday I will track down a decent Secret Wars Wolverine to replace my long lost favorite, but until then this guy is everything a Wolvie lover could ask for in an action figure.

*sniffsniff* "SHHH! I hear something comin'"


"Hulk SMASH puny Canadian."

"Whoa...did anyone get the license number of that big green truck?"

*Flip* "Ha! Whose got the advantage now, Jolly Green?"

"Hulk just want to give Wolvie fashion advice. Hulk hate earth tones...Hulk like sissy blue and yellow!"

"Hulk been watching new show: Queer Eye for Super-Guy. They say color is in this season! They say Wolvie look Faaaabuloooooos in yellow and blue! Hulk agree!"

"Oh boy."


  1. This figure is really cool. Currently, he's posed atop my Marvel Legends Hulk's shoulders.

  2. Mario, I saw your post with Wolvie and Hulk - that's what made me think of pitting Wolvie against my first appearance Hulk. :)

  3. You and I share the same sentiment about the Blue and yellow x-men uniform are for sissies! LOL

  4. The brown costume is by far my favorite, but I do have a few of the blue and yellow in the collection, the second series of x-men from toy biz to be exact, still some cool figures bub.

  5. great song, i laughed my ass off. the only thing is...I had the Wolverine from Secret Wars and he was maroon and yellow, did I have an alternate version or something?

  6. Jay, although the costume is generally referred to in comic speak as the Brown costume, it can range anywhere from yellow/maroon to orange/burnt umber etc. depending on the medium presented - I do believe the Secret Wars figure bordered more on the yellow/maroon side.