Back Road Brawl Mixmaster

Today we take a look at the Toys R Us exclusive Revenge of the Fallen Mixmaster that came in the Back Road Brawl set.

Clever name on the fender, considering Mixmaster was the left foot of the G1 Constructicon gestalt Devastator.

This Mixmaster is from the Revenge of the Fallen movie line. What makes this one special is that he is colored in the same neon green, purple and black color scheme as his G1 inspiration.

Mixmaster is very detailed in vehicle mode, and he even has movable cement truck components like chutes and ladders. Ironically, that's also his favorite board game.

I'm not a big fan of Bayformers (Transformers from the recent movies) or Shellformers (Transformers that are merely scrunched up robots inside an outer shell,) so I wouldn't have gotten Mixmaster if he didn't come with Hoist, but he looks real cool in vehicle mode and his coloration leaves no doubt to his Constructicon affiliation, so I'm glad I have him.

Like most Shellformers, his Transformation is pretty complex. He's like a robo-accordion.

3 hours later.

6 hours later.
Not a bad looking robot, all things considered. The purple and green help. He is a bit floppy, though, with those long limbs that are designed to accordion into his truck shaped outer shell.

Sadly Mixmaster still has his goofy movie face. A new head sculpt would have been cool, but he's not one of the worst looking Bayformers either, so the simple black and silver (and red piping for the eyes) work for him. The silver face paint is already showing some wear due to the tightness of the transformation and the parts rubbing together.

"I'm lonely."

This version of Mixmaster is the only Constructicon from ROTF to be detailed in his G1 colors (as far as I know,) and these deluxe versions don't combine anyways. So my Mixmaster will be flying solo forever.

Mixmaster doesn't combine with his pals, but he is billed as a triple-changer.

8 hours later.

Here he is in Battle Mode. He kind of looks like a scorpion or something.

His gun fires a missile, but unlike Hoist, he cannot fire it in cement truck mode.

All in all a cool Transformer, but very frustrating to transform. I can't see kids playing transformers and taking the fifteen minute breaks between sentences to change guys like these back and forth. Although it does get easier the more times you do it, I think playability suffers when transformations become too complex; which is one reason the earlier Transformers are superior in my opinion.


  1. My nephew has one of this voyager mix master but it was the movie color and he asked me to transform for him from robot to vehicle. Best of all he lost the instruction sheets and after an hour of trying, I gave up. It just too hard for kids and adult without the instruction.

  2. I was excited to see MixMaster in all of his green and purple glory but once you transformed him i lost interest in him and am with you on this Bubba not a fan of "BayFormers".

  3. LEon - unless you are Einstein, there is no way in heck you can transform one of these guys without instructions - even WITH instructions you need a lot of smarts and patience! For future reference, a lot of the instructions are available at Hasbro's website: http://tinyurl.com/yd8bbjd

    jboy - yes, I would have steered clear of this guy if it wasn't for his friend Hoist. But Hoist rocks, so I'll just keep this guy in cement truck mode and enjoy my Hoist ;)