Smallville JSA painting line-up - straight from the artist himself!

When I discovered that the artists who painted the JSA mural for Smallville was the amazing Rodolfo Migliari, I went straight to the source (via his blog) and asked him if he could tell us who was featured in the painting. (I also asked if a print would be made available - I sure hope so, because I can SO see that painting hanging above the fireplace.)

Rodolfo is unsure about a print, but he was kind enough to respond to my query with the line-up! WOW! How cool is that?! Thanks Rodolfo! And now there's no question who we see.

So without further ado, here's his response:

"Bubbashelby, Thank you! I don't know about the print. But I can give you a list of the JSA members in the painting :) from left to right : The Golden Age Star Spangled Kid, Wildcat, The Golden Age Atom, The Golden Age Sandman, The Spectre, The Golden Age Flash, Hawkman & Hawkgirl, Doctor Fate, The Golden Age Green Lantern, The Golden Age Hourman, The Golden Age Dr. Mid-Nite, the Golden Age Black Canary and the Golden Age Mr. Terrific."

Thanks again Rodolfo!


  1. I'm sold! I'll check it out myself and preview it for the girl!

    Thanks for the heads up on this.

  2. That is some great sleuthing there, Batman would be proud!