You Gotta' Have Friends...

Another of my birthday presents came from my little sister in the form of three JLU Super Friends!

First up is Black Vulcan.

Pretty much a rip off of Black Lightning, I must say that I really do like Black Vulcan's costume more than Black Lightning's. I think it's the "ears." Yellow on black is a nice color scheme too.

Next up is Apache Chief. Apache Chief is cool, and probably my favorite of the made for TV Super Friends.

I loved his power to grow humongous. That's a keen power. "Apache Chieeeef!"

And finally comes the weather powered Samurai.

Samurai is really cool too, but a nice custom tornado shaped bottom-half would really liven this guy up.

Each of these figures are well sculpted and nicely detailed, but still as simple as one has grown accustomed to with the Justice League animated line of action figures. Yesterday's diatribe was sparked in part by this set. I picked it up with my little sister when she took me birthday shopping on Black Friday. It was on sale at Target for $11.99. A good deal. Three brand new never-before-seen characters for a fair price.

The Batman, Amanda Waller, General Eiling set was there too, and not worth my (or my sister's) $11.99 for two new figures and another Batman. The Superman, Wonder Woman and Blackhawk set was also there and it was not worth the price for one new figure and two repeats. Mattel and Target got me to buy one set at $11.99. I (and by "I" I mean my sister) spent more than that on a Hasbro product that day.

1) Mattel is on the ball when they sell us a three pack with all new figures and:
2) Target is on the ball at an $11.99 price point. Let's not forget:
3) I was able to find this set. Only once so far, that being the time I bought it. The other two sets were in quantities of 1 each as well.

Those three instances serendipitously collided with this set, titled, ironically, the "Fan Collection 3 Pack."

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  1. What? No El Dorado? lol.

    Awesome figures and great to see a nod toward the Super Friends.