Doc Brown goes car shopping...

...and settles on this:

This is the '81 DeLorean DMC-12, a 2010 new model from Hotwheels.

Nearly as cool as the Johnny Lightning DeLorean time machine from a few years back, this is your basic DeLorean pre Flux Capacitor.

This little bad boy is just screaming for all sorts of Back to the Future customizations. I will be picking up more and doing at least a 1950s version with white walls and radio tubes on the hood someday. Oh, and some train wheels to slip this puppy onto some HO scale track for damn sure. Then I'll get a train to push it around the track. Heavy!

Where's the Mr. Fusion? This little Hotwheel even has an opening rear hatch.

Hello! McFly!!! The DeLorean D-12 is a seriously cool Hotwheel, even without the time machine components.


  1. If I'm going to make a Time Machine, why not do it with style? That's a great buy!

  2. No freaking way, that is sweeeeet!

  3. Yup jboy, a brand new release just hitting the toy aisles!

  4. That is pretty cool and I know just who I am getting it for too. Off to the toy store!