Power Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

When Power Girl was announced as an upcoming DCUC figure I thought "awesome!" Then she was announced as a Walmart exclusive and I was pretty sure I would never see her.

Fortunately I was able to do an art-for-toys trade with a friend in Florida, who said PG was clogging up the pegs down there. I guess in Florida there are enough big bossomed women made of plastic as it is. No need to buy one on the toy aisles of Wal-Mart.

Power Girl is as good as any other DCUC figure. She has all the same articulation etc. etc. As well as a couple of her own unique assets. Of course I am speaking about her...

...cape, which is unique in that it falls over one shoulder, being held on by a "rope" that goes under her other arm. An interesting design that doesn't look all too comfortable. But then again, if you are bullet proof, under-arm chafing is probably an impossibility.

Word on the toy-streets is that Power Girl will soon be available in a future DCUC release as an "All Star." All Star figures are A-List figures that have been released before grouped into new releases with only a base, and not a C&C piece from their concurrent releases. Still, the chances of me finding Power Girl on the store shelves are as good as the chances of me finding any other DCUC figure on the store shelves (read: less than zero,) so I am glad to have her as my only DCUC figure from Series 10.


  1. Dude, do we have psychic connection? I literally just got my Power Girl figure in the mail on Wednesday and posted her joining the Parker Brand Battalion on Thursday. Pretty cool to see your post when I got up this morning. I love Power Girls big, boo... um... boots! Yeah, boots. I'm hoping for a figure reflecting some of her costume updates, but for now she and G.L. are at the top of the P.B. Battalion tree at my office. Check it out... http://www.parkerbrandcreative.com/field-trips/office-space/

  2. I saw your pics, and that inspired me to finally post pics of mine which I have had for a couple months now. She's a nice addition to any battalion!

  3. Funny i never realized that Power Girl and my wife have the same hair and breasts...and am not kidding either!

    PG is just a bit more buff in the muscles than my wife is.

    Great figure and it looks like the classic version of her too from the old All-Star Comics i used to read as a kid.

  4. jboy - pics or it didn't happen ;)

  5. Ok Bubba i will see what i can do(My wife is laugh behind me right now).

    I told her i would have to buy her one of these figures to put on her desk.

  6. I saw this post and was dismayed as our local WalMart is the PITS in the toy department. However, on our way home from sledding last weekend, we risked stopping in...and my daughter found a Power Girl!

    So thank you for the heads up that this figure existed!

  7. So glad to hear that MOCK - it's great when something works out like that, especially for a young girl who the toy companies claim could care less about action figures!