Hawkgirls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hawkgirl is a great character who really came into her own during the Justice League cartoon from a few years back. She is also a classic Golden Age JSA member. Finally, I have the DCUC Hawkman, so all that together made this DCUC figure one of my must haves, even as I decide to move away from really pursuing the line. Amazingly I found Hawkgirl at Target a couple weeks ago, so of course I snatched her up!

Hawkgirl comes with three weapons, a mace, a sword and a spear.

Her mask and hair make it impossible to move her head, but that's okay, because they did a great job capturing her classic look.

The weapons are all unique to Hawkgirl. That's a cool touch, as I expected at least the mace or sword to be repaints from Hawkman's release.

With the nineties Superboy coming soon from DCUC, I am going to get him to complete my 'Reign of Supermen.' I also want to get more JSA members as they trickle in. With Hawkgirl here, a John Stewart GL is a definite must too. But I swear, after all that, I'm out of DCUC collecting for good ;)


  1. Now this a awesome looking figure and all you need now is Hawkman to go with her.

  2. Hawkman is boxed up, but I'm sure they'll be together soon, in this life or the next ;)

  3. Nice photos with good backdrop!