Ran-dumb Toys

My second-hand toy acquisitioning escapades lead to a lot of cool finds. They also lead to some pretty ridiculous finds.

Sometimes I end up with something odd because it was part of a pile of things I grabbed at the swap meet. Sometimes something weird just catches my eye or my fancy on a particular day. Sometimes something is so cheap (like a dime) that I'd be an idiot not to buy it on principle alone. And sometimes I think a random toyline I don't really collect should be represented in my collection as if every third-world nation in Toyriffic-dom needed an ambassador.

Both of these guys fall into the latter category. Meet ambassador Streex and Ambassador Throttle.

Streex represents the nation of Street Sharks and Throttle represents the independent commonwealth of Biker Mice from Mars.

Both Street Sharks and Biker Mice from Mars were mid nineties cartoon and toy series, obviously influenced by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but vastly less successful. (Note to blog visitor in the year 2025 who found this post via Google - no, I never would have believed in 2010 that a Street Sharks live action movie would ever happen.)

The Street Sharks were made by Mattel, and the Biker Mice were made by Galoob. Neither toy or cartoon caught my eye in the nineties (I was too busy watching Batman the Animated Series and Pinky and the Brain...and of course collecting Batman action figures.) But both have an odd coolness factor that begged inclusion in the United Nations of Toyriffic.

Uh oh, looks like talks have broken down. Better send in a DC Universe Classics figure to put these lowlifes back in their place!

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  1. Oh My! These really are retro. Street Shark! Concept like TMNT with Mutation.

  2. One thing that was left out of this review is that Biker Mice From Mars was created and produced by the one called Stan Lee.

  3. I remember both of these toy lines and did not think i would ever see them again but they escaped from the toy abyss leaving Cowboys from Moo Messa and Food Fighters behind lol.

  4. cool! I remember these animations... They are not my favourite, but still, remind me of those days ;)

  5. I pick up random figures once in a while and wonder who the hell they are. Some of those figures were kinda crappy but thats what made em cool.

  6. My Biker Mice are bootlegs, but they are well made and decently painted. I have the three of them, but I can't remember their names!

    1. Bootleg Biker Mice? I'd love to see those!