Ecto-1 is the loneliest number

I've been combing the Hot-Wheels aisles more than usual lately in anticipation of the 2010 New Model #25, aka Ecto-1 and it payed off tonight!

Ecto-1 is one beautiful Hotwheel!

All the detail of the modified '59 Cadillac ambulance are there, including all that crazy funky science equipment up top! There's also a lot of detail in the interior including proton packs etc.

Of course to keep it in the $1 price range, there are no paint details on the top component, but I am sure customizers could easily make it look movie accurate. I'm happy with it the way it is. This Ecto-1 has all the charm of a Hotwheel while being a great representation of the iconic Ghostbusters vehicle. I have an Ecto-1 A in 1:64 scale from Johnny Lightning made about a decade ago and it isn't as well scaled as this version. Maybe I can dig it out of storage soon and do a side by side.

What's this, the ghost of Dale Earnhardt?

Maybe. Actually it's another new Hotwheel, the previously released Stockar released for 2010 as part of the Race World sub-series. This version is keen because it's made of clear plastic - even the wheels and interior are clear! It has a few minor silver details and a metal base, and makes the perfect companion piece to the Ecto-1 because it looks like a ghost car. I t would also make a great Wonder Woman-mobile if one were so inclined.

Here's Ecto-1 next to the Matchbox '63 Cadillac Ambulance.

Ecto-1 is lower and longer but the same width as the '63, so it's probably a little more accurately scaled than the ambulance as well. I also love Hotwheels' five spoke wheels, and they look great on Ecto-1.

Okay enough fun...time to go to work! WeeWOOweeWOOweeWOO!


  1. Cool! I've got my eyes peeled for this.

  2. you remember I am looking for this too right? ;)

  3. wow! has it really comes out??? can't find it anywhere here!!! Bubba, could you get me 1 of the ecto 1 pleaseeee!!!, pretty pleaseeeee!!! :)

  4. I only saw one this trip (and of course that's the one I bought) and I have one promised to LEon; Saruman is on the list too now. :)

  5. Thanks a lot bubbashelby, if I have any that u r interested in, just let me know :)

  6. That is awesome, I can't wait to get one of these out in the wild!

  7. Wow. I don't expect that sort of detail from a Hot Wheels. Maybe from a '70s Matchbox, but not from a Hot Wheels.


    You gotta send that down the orange tracks!

  8. Ok am so going to buy that this weekend!

    Hope i can find one.

  9. ...because "I'm that kind of guy."

    Ha! ha!

    That cracked me up. I can hear this line being said wryly by Steve Martin... 70's heyday Steve Martin.

    I've been looking for one of these Ectos since seeing it here on Toyriffic. No luck yet. I'm not big into Ghostbusters but I know a killer Hot Wheels car when I see one.

  10. Thanks buddy. If you want anything from my side, let me know too. :)

  11. Wow, that looks great. I don't usually buy toy cars, but if I see this one I'll buy. Just because.

  12. Hi, did you find it in Target or Walmart? I just went to 2 Targets around here in Colorado - nada.

  13. I love the Ecto-1 and The Ghostbusters.
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