In This Corner...

There's a great little thrift store in my town that I'm always gung-ho to dig into. The place always has a ton of junky (and sometimes great) toys. They also always - ALWAYS have a sign out front that reads "Today only - everything 50% off." - They never don't have that sign. It's hilarious.

I duck in as often as I can and almost always walk out with something in my pocket that cost a quarter or two. Tonight I came across this groovy bootleg Masters of the Universe/wrestler type figure:

And of course - today only - he was 50% off! Haha!

This line is called "Wrestling Champions."

The toy's design is clearly inspired by the original Masters of the Universe line.

The card art is pretty colorful; looks like that Luchador is really giving Hulk Hogan what-for! There's no date, but the art and the figure have me thinking it's from the late eighties, but he could be from any time since. At the top right it reads "For ages 5 and up" and under the title it reads:

Twisting Head & Waist
Moving Arms & Legs
Removable Championship Title Belt

Under the figure it reads "Made in China."

On the back we are prompted to "Collect the Whole Range."

There are some cool looking cats back here. The card art makes it appear that the only difference in figures would be the head. Maybe they had different colored skin too. Who knows. Wish the thrift store had more.

Looks like my guy is named "339/4" - sounds tough!

Well, there's only one way to find out: Ring the bell!


"In this corner, weighing in at 350 lbs, all the way from Memphis, Middle Earth...

...the World Heavyweight Champeeoooooon of the Woooooooooorld - Rex "339/4" Robinowicz!!!!!"

While Rex "339/4" Robinowicz looks like an MOTU recast at first glance, a closer examination shows that he is an all original mold - highly influenced by the original MOTU and about the same size, but not a direct re-cast ripoff. His head also appears to be completely "original" and is solid as well, not roto-cast and soft/hollow like older MOTU figures' heads. He's made up of solid hunks of plastic, with movable arms, waist, legs and head (but if you read the card you'd already know that.) He's surprisingly sturdy, and may need to challenge my nephew's WWE action figures in the ring someday. The only markings on the figure is the word "China" on his back.

His waist turns (but does not have the spring-loaded punching action of original Masters of the Universe figures) and he has this spiffy belt he won whilst wrestling guys five times his size!

Three cheers for Rex Robinowicz!


  1. Looks very detailed for a bootleg. Great score Bubba!

  2. I remember seeing these at our local dollar stores years back and even then i was reminded of He-Man.

  3. I got some of these guys for a buck a piece, but my guys are way cheap, they're made of completely hollow plastic!