I know why the caged bird sings...

...it's because I finally got a DCUC Black Canary!

Black Canary is from DC Universe Classics wave 9 - a wave that somehow completely avoided landing anywhere near me. With reports coming in that people are already finding wave 12, I figured my chances of getting any wave 9 figures was pretty much nil. Not surprisingly it is also a wave with an abundance of characters I want: Wildcat, Deadshot, Guardian, Green Arrow and of course, Dinah Lance. Fortunately I was able to make a trade with a friend of mine and I just got Dinah in the mail today!

Black Canary's fishnets are real cloth, which is a nice touch and really stands out in person. Her leg articulation is more limited than most DCUC female characters in order to allow for actual fishnets, but I feel that the aesthetic trade-off is well worth it.

Black Canary really is a stand-out DCUC figure. Her head sculpt is exceptional, and her design is straight out of the comic books.

She has all the articulation and sculpting pros and cons of all DC Universe Classics figures, so you should all know what you are getting in that department by now. At this point if you are still with DCUC as a collector, it merely comes down to character selection and availability. Who do you like, and who can you find?

It's a real shame that distribution is an unmitigated mess for these figures. If it were otherwise, I would glady give Mattel a lot more money. For instance, not counting the cool characters in wave 9, Dinah's Collect and Connect piece is for Chemo, a fun looking character who would be really neat to build. But the pickings are ridiculously slim for DC Universe Classics in my locale, so I don't have the luxury of "team" or "C-n-C" building without adding a level of collector strain to my already heart-disease-prone ticker that just isn't worth it. Thank goodness I have been able to build a decent community of fellow collectors who can help each other out on occasion! Now that is a REAL Collect-and-Connect!


  1. That Green Arrow is one lucky guy.

  2. So glad it worked out! I can probably find a Guardian for you too! let me know!

  3. BC is one of my fav. female DC characters but I haven't been too pleased with some of her figure releases. One of the best IMO, is the JLA series One version of her who also has the real fishnets. I also am not afraid to admit that the Black Canary Barbie is pretty badass as well!