This looks like a job for...

Clark Kent!

Clark Kent was released by Kenner in 1986 as a mail away exclusive. I think you had to send a couple Super Powers UPCs and a couple bucks for shipping and handling to get him. He was never sold at retail. He didn't come with any accessories, but I'm sure there's a playmobil phone booth and brief case out there somewhere that I'll need to eventually track down to make this figure complete in my own mind.

Clark isn't impossible to find, but he isn't the cheapest Super Powers figure to acquire either. Imagine my surprise then when I found this farm boy at the swap meet today! AND I was able to knock fifty cents of the asking price - I got him for $1.50! Now that's a deal worth reporting!

I have mentioned in previous posts that I did not have any Super Powers figures when they were first released. In fact, somehow I had not had any Super Powers action figures until last year!

Counting Smallville here, I now have five. I certainly didn't ever expect Clark would be one of them!


The best part about this figure is, like all Super Powers figures, he has an action feature. His arms wave back and forth when you squeeze his legs. So you can recreate those subtle rushes to the phone booth!

Up, up and awaaaaay!


  1. I never knew that one existed. Great find!

  2. I had a ton of Super Powers figures but for some reason when I mailed away for the Kent figure I never got it. I was always pissed about that. I just envied my best friend who got his.

  3. I wish modern toylines did mail-in figures. I guess its an idea whose time has come and gone. *sniff*

  4. I recently made papercraft phone booth for my Clark Kent figure. Plans to make it are on my blog Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures: http://weirdfantastictoys.blogspot.com/2018/03/super-powers-papercraft-phone-booth.html