History shows again and again...

I love Godzilla, and I grew up during the golden age of cheap plastic Imperial Dinosaurs, so when I spotted this bootlegy looking Godzilla toy at the Goodwill last week, I knew he had to be mine!

I'm pretty sure this is an Imperial Godzilla knock-off. I don't know if the company that produced this one is legit, if they bought old molds or sold this guy as "random atomic dinosaur beast," but he has no markings besides "Made in China" on the base of his right foot - a sure indicator that the manufacturer wishes to remain anonymous.

He looks nearly identical to the Godzilla toys manufactured by Imperial in the mid eighties, except that those Godzilla figures had hollow open mouths...

...and Fakezilla here has a solid mouth, complete with partially painted tongue! Now THAT'S quality!

The Imperial Godzilla was also green. This guy is an odd combination of beige plastic with orange paint covering most of his backside and a spritzing of green highlights.

It gives him the look of unripened citrus.

Not very Godzilla-like in the color department, unless you're color blind, which is an affliction I have a strong suspicion the designer of this toy suffered from.

Kooky coloration aside, there's no mistaking this Tokyo tromping beast. He's Godzilla on (Citric) Acid!


This guy may be a dime a dozen. He may be a decade old or a week old. He may be available at the dollar store or in the grocery store right now. He may be easy to come by. He may be as elusive as a Blue Snaggletooth.

I don't know.

And I don't care.

Because he's gaudy and cool and my house is so full of ridiculous toys that he just had to come home with me!


  1. Cool! I like the fire lizard coloring.

  2. He's on Fire! I have godzilla too. LOL

  3. hahahahahah.. u so funny bubba!

  4. Oh, man. Some of those photos are practically glowing! It's pretty dang rad. Nice Goodwill find!