Penny for your thoughts

I pulled some change out of my pocket this morning and just had to smile when I discovered this brand new 2010 penny, adorned with Captain America's original shield!

Okay it isn't exactly Captain America's shield, but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw it and I'm sure I am not alone.

UPDATE: This shield design is officially called the Union Shield, and this new 2010 penny represents President Lincoln's legacy of preserving the United States of America as a single country. It appears this will be the design for all pennies minted for the foreseeable future, so keep your eyes peeled for them to arrive in a change jar near you soon!

Visit the US Mint for more info on this cool new penny.

"When Captain America gets change for a buck!
You know the bad guys will soon be out of luck!"


  1. I didn't know about these pennies -- when I saw it, I assumed you were posting a pic from some sort of Captain America premium or something. Very neat!

    Gonna go get change for a buck now. "One hundred Captain America pennies, please!"

  2. Wow pennies have not been this cool sense the days of Penny Candy lol.

  3. So, it's the first time the Captain will cost less than a Bucky.

    And... Standing ovation...

    And... I'm sorry.

  4. captain america, one of my idols !