Always look on the Darkseid of life!

Darkseid first appeared very early in the JLU toyline's run. In fact, he was the second villain to be released (Ultra Humanite being the first,) under the Justice League Mission Vision banner in 2004. In his original release Darkseid sported a black outfit and purple tights and had some useless accessories as well. He was released a year later in a Toys R Us exclusive box set, adorned in this shiny blue color scheme.

I have the original Mission Vision Darkseid but recently stumbled onto this version at the (you guessed it) swap meet. I first passed on him two weekends ago because I already have the original version and didn't feel like paying the whopping dollar they wanted for this one. But it nagged me all week, so when I went back this past weekend I bought him for the dollar they wanted (can you believe they wouldn't take fifty cents?!?!) and am glad I did. Although the black costume of his first release is more recent cartoon accurate, this shiny blue getup is more reminiscent of his Superpowers and seventies comic book look. And I didn't have to buy all the other shiny-clad superheroes to get him!

"What kind of car do I drive?"


"An Omega Beamer, of course."


  1. Oh the puns are deadly in this one!! Nice, though... JLU is another line that I need to fill in eventually. I'm really going to have to raid Ebay in a couple of months when the pay checks start adding up!

  2. "My Omega Beams missed him....I wonder if this one is as quick as the other one".

    Darkseid is a royal badass and not one to mess with but still i think Superman could of taken him in a fair fight but seeing as Mister Seid doesn't fight fair well it would all over for Supes.

  3. I'm so glad you came
    around and picked him
    up for a buck. Pray
    that swap meet doesn't
    go away. I wish we
    had something like it
    over here in in my area.