That's why I say hey man, Deadshot.

Dc Universe Classics Deadshot that is!

Of all the kooky clad Bat-villains, I have always thought Deadshot one of the kookiest and therefore one of the coolest. Back in the late eighties and early nineties he was one of my favorite villains and I always enjoyed it when he popped into a Batman comic.

Wearing wrist mounted guns, shiny silver, bright red and yellow and pretty damn near everything else that would make sniping a difficult endeavor indeed, Deadshot takes the cake for overdressed Bat-antagonists.

In his first appearance in Batman #59, Floyd Lawton actually looked more like a dapper dropout from a forgotten western serial. As the Silver Age progressed, he got his current and most well known look, and has held on to it with only moderate alteration since.

Deadshot bounced around Gotham City for a while, but he is currently best known for his role as a team member of the Suicide Squad. With Checkmate and Amanda Waller playing such big roles in the current Smallville storylines, I really hope we get to see Deadshot in action there soon. There is also rumor of a Suicide Squad movie, in which Deadshot would have to be a major player!

This Deadshot figure was part of the difficult to find (aren't they all) DC Universe Wave 9, and is a must have for anyone looking to add a little diversity to their Batman's Rouges Gallery. After all, happiness is a warm gun.


  1. Deadshot is certainly one of the more interestingly garbed Bat-villains, and an interesting character to boot. Great look at a cool figure!

  2. Deadshot is one of my favorite Bat-villains. I liked the idea that he actually has some suicidal tendencies. That explains the character, his attitude, his clothes, and everything around him so well.

  3. DeadShot is awesome!And one of my favorite DC villains. Would of been neat to see him in his original "Gunslinger" costume as variant/chase figure.

  4. jboy, if Mattel made that variant we wouldn't be able to find it anyways, so we may as well just imagine they did, like we have to imagine they make all kinds of cool figures lol!

  5. This is true Bubba from my travels these DC figures are getting tough to find at certain stores.