Is there a place where women dress like this in real life?

Because if there is I want to go there now and stay there forever.

I'm not even familiar with this character, but it says HERE:


Sculpted by Jonathan Matthews

Steam & Sass!

Clockwork cute and dressed to impress, Duela Dent is steampunk chic, strutting her stuff, backpack brimming with Joker toxin, and carrying a killer cane as she joins the popular Ame-Comi series!

Gears and steam, lace and goggles, the booted and brass-buckled beauty Duela Dent is a corseted cutie, decked out in futuristic Victorian vixen attire. The rumored daughter of The Joker is one deadly doll!

Packaged in a 4-color window box with J-hook, this non-articulated PVC statue stands approximately 9.25" high and includes a display base.

$ 70.00 US | On Sale February 9, 2011"

So there you go.


  1. Wow! I want to stay there too! :)

  2. most likely you can find one in a carnival. It's a pretty figure with a mix of anime and US comic.

  3. I think conventions are your best bet.

    For what it's worth, I've never heard of this character either. What's with the steampunk vibe?

  4. Yeah I did see some steampunk at the last convention I went to - but this steampunk/supervillain vibe hits all the right notes with me!

  5. DUELA DENT aka the Joker's Daughter she was in some of the older Teen Titan comics and am guess in some of the new ones now too. I don't think she is actually the Joker's Daughter but seeing that her last name is Dent am guessing Harvey Dent aka Two-Face but like you Bubba i know little of her.

  6. its strange that as many Dc comics I have read she also seems to have went under my radar But I did find a little ifo :She is a former member of both the Teen Titans and Titans East. Introduced under the alias of Joker's Daughter, she has also used the aliases "Catgirl", "Scarecrone", "Riddler's Daughter", "Penguin's Daughter", "Card Queen", and "Harlequin".Duela Dent first appeared as Joker's Daughter in the Batman Family series of comic books. She gained the attention of Robin, as she later claimed to be the daughter of Catwoman, Scarecrow, Riddler, and Penguin. She deduced Robin's identity and he revealed that she was Duela Dent, Two-Face's daughter.

  7. You might find some women dressed like this in Gotham City. :-)

  8. Duela Dent made an odd appearance in that issue of NTT where Donna Try gets married. But there she's older and fatter, not the buxom little strumpet seen here.

  9. Yes, there is a place where they dress like that. It is called, Japan.

    It might not be this exact design, but Lolita and its variants (like Goth loli etc) will give you similar stuff.

    Just sayin'.