Who Watches the Copyright Lawyers?

Tech Deck does it again:

This time the good folks at Tech Deck bring us Nite Owl, or as they label him: "Nightwatchman." Clever.

I ducked into a local Ross to kill some time this afternoon, and I stumbled onto this guy. As soon as I saw him I knew I had to add him to my small army of Copyright infringing Tech Deck Dudes.

Having not purchased a Tech Deck Dude in a long while, I noticed a couple new differences. One, these new Dudes have a base and a plastic "armature" that pegs into their backs. Kinda cool for display purposes.

But the most glaring difference: the decks/feet are no longer magnetic. The deck is now held onto the feet via a peg, with each foot having a hole to place the peg into. Not nearly as cool as the magnetic ability of past Dudes, because they could also be placed on refrigerators and other metal surfaces.

Regardless, I'm glad I found this Watchman Wannabe.

Super awesome bonus, the cute cashier at Ross is also a barista at a local coffee shop.

Me: "You also work at the coffee shop, right?"
Cutie: "Yup."
Me: "I thought you looked familiar."
Cutie: "I'm stalking you."
Me: "I can handle it. I'll be seeing you around then."

With a line like "I'm stalking you," how can I NOT be attracted to her? Looks like I'll be caffiened up and dressing-for-less a lot more in the foreseeable future!

Also, I realize my comeback was super lame.


  1. Actually, my wife said if you delivered it properly, your comeback was pretty cool....

  2. Well MOCK, if there's one thing I excel at, it's comedic delivery.

  3. Pretty cool little dude shame it lacks the magnets in its feet.