Krang me, Krang me, they oughta' get a rope and hang me

Even though I enjoyed the cartoon and comic books, I didn't pay much attention to the original TMNT toyline at the time of it's original release. So finding them at the swap meet or via other secondary sources these days tends to result in some fun surprises.

This android body Krang is one of my favorite surprise finds from all eras of TMNT toys.

Krang (or at least his alien race) has been part of TMNT in some form or another from almost the beginning. This chunky fat-guy android bodied look is very specific to his original cartoon appearance, and is almost too corny to have been worth emulating since. So having this funky cool action figure is important for even a casual collector like myself.

My Krang does have some play wear...

...but I feel pretty lucky to have found him with a functioning door and actual Krang alien still inside! This is the type of thing that doesn't survive well over time on a loose played with figure, as kids tend to lose these types of little pieces.

Had I known back in 1994 that they made this figure I would have definitely tracked him down. I love funky alien robot-wearing brain monsters. Who doesn't?



  1. Cool find! I had the other, lamer Krang toy. It was Krang and this little mechanical walker thing. I always wanted the robot body version, but never got it.

  2. I always loved this version of Krang just so cool.

  3. Mario, don't dish the walker Krang! Back before the Android came out, it was all we had lol. But yeah, if my memory isn't mistaken, this came out as the line was starting to wind down, and we got such 'winners' as "Rocker Leo" and "Cartoon Dontello". It's too bad, really, 'cuz I think most kids wanted this figure/vehicle but fell out of the line by the time it was released. Really cool to see it again, though, thanks for sharing the pics!