What a G1-derful World

Get a load of these upcoming Transformers and feel the G1 love! First we have an all new Jazz which is pretty much too cool for words. Jazz is an absolute must have for me. And let's not forget about Tracks here. Not as pivotal in my collection as Jazz, but still pretty keen.

Even cooler in my mini-car-nostalgic mind is this upcoming scout class Windcharger! Not only is he a great modern Windcharger, but he transforms into a Mustang!

Oh yeah baby, I can't wait for these to hit stores!

Check out more new upcoming Transformers at AllSpark.com

1 comment:

  1. After watching lots of classic season 2, I am real excited for Tracks! He's one of those that I completely forgot about, but now remember kids running around the playground with the amazing flying Autobot car.