Harley Qwednesday :: Comics!

For the first year or so of the Harley Quinn comic book, Terry and Rachel Dodson were the husband and wife art team (Terry on pencils and Rachel on inks) in charge of bringing Harl to visual life (along with writer Karl Kesel.)

Debuting in December 2000, 'Harley Quinn' was a fun comic with insanely cute art thanks to the Dodsons.

I loved the playfulness of the Dodsons' art - it made the fun of Kesel's scripts that much more...fun.

I collected the series while the Dodsons and Kesel were on it. The Dodsons left first, then after maybe two years Kesel left the title. It got a little more 'serious' after that and wasn't fun any more so I dropped the title.

I'm sure these aren't worth much, but as I recall they were a lot of fun and I recommend any Harley fan pick them up, at least through Kesel's run as writer.

And even if you don't read them, all the covers are fame-worthy!

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  1. I never knew they had gave Harley her own comic book.