Aliens really Chap Mei hide!

This here refugee from the Mos Eisley Cantina is a generic alien action figure made by Chap Mei in 2001 as part of the Space Quest Mission Squad series.

Chap Mei makes alot of the 'generic' action figure sets you find at stores like Rite-Aid, Walgreens and other drug stores with measly overpriced toy aisles. Most of the time they are army figures or police/firemen, but sometimes Chap Mei produce something unique and fun like space creatures or knights or fantasy creatures.

I'd never bought a Chap Mei set or figure new, (I got this guy at the swap meet,) so even though I have seen them around in stores and such I had never actually examined one close up until I found this guy. The quality is surprisingly good, and the figure's design and detail are really top notch for a 'no-name' toy.

Articulation is as simple as an original Star Wars figure; shoulders, hips and neck.

This guy seriously looks like an old-school Star Wars alien, complete with mismatched knee-pads and a pseudo space-suit with hoses, straps and other accouterments all over it. He even has a funky robotic hand! Cooooool!


  1. Wow! That thing looks actually cool.

  2. i like him- he DOES look like a Mos Eisley customer!

  3. I have this alien

  4. Had this alien when I was a kid.

  5. I got him at a flea market for $1 !!