Snakes on the Eternian Plain

Another late-comer to the MOTU toyline was Rattlor. A part of the Snake Men sub-sect, Rattlor was a minion of the snake skinned King Hiss.

Rattlor has a really cool and surprisingly detailed design. Unlike many MOTU figures there are no re-used parts, he's an entirely unique sculpt from head to toe. Also, unlike some other Snake Men, Rattlor actually has a snake tail!

Each of the Snake Men had a snake themed action feature. Sometimes these action features were relevant to the species of snake the individual Snake Man represented, as in the case of Kobra Khan.

Rattlor actually has two action features. First, he has beads inside his hollow body, so he 'rattles' like a real rattlesnake when you shake him!

Second, if you push a button hidden on his back behind his tail...

KA-CHA! Rattlor's head springs out for an evil Snake Man strike!

Push his head back in and it locks into place for more surprise striking fun.

It also helps Rattlor get onto roller coasters.


  1. that thing is Bitchin'... big improvement over Kobra Khan. I have a bunch of old MOTU figures at Mum's... wonder how they're doin...

  2. Ratlor was great back in the day, and that spring-loaded head was always fun. Are you sure there were no reused parts, though? The Tail looks like the same one used on Whiplash, and the hands seem to be the same as Tri-Klops. I'm pretty sure Mattel would never be so altruistic as to make a completely original figure.

  3. You should go 'treasure hunting' at your Mum's house soon, SDTB!

    I am almost certain Onigaijan - his tail is constructed similar to Whiplash but Rattlor's looks like a rattlesnake while Whiplash's tail is more crocodile like. And Rattlor's arms are scaly all the way from the shoulder to the hands - Tri-Klops didn't have scales.

    Rattlor is surprisingly unique.

  4. Very cool Bubba i might be getting my hands on a original King Hiss soon and am excited because there is just something cool about the Snakemen.

  5. The snakemen do indeed rock, jboy.