Harley Qwednesday

Our friends over at Under the Giant Penny recently did a post about a keen Batman: Animated Harley Quinn maquette released back in 2004. A beautiful piece beautifully photographed - go check it out!

And kicking around the internet looking for Harley themed images for today's Harley Qwednesday, I found this post at Craftster.org about a Harley Quinn inspired purse some brilliant gal made:

How insanely awesome is that?!?!

By the way, if you plan on going trick or treating as Harley Quinn this Halloween, send me some pics and I'll feature them on the next Harley Qwednesday! Heck, you might as well, because if the pictures end up online I'll probably use them anyways.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Bubba!

    Oh, and I got the hint loud and clear.... I'll definitely send you pics of me in my Harley costume.

  2. Bubba did you see the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon version of Harley?

  3. Can't wait, Bryan ;)

    I did, jboy and it was awesome! I'll be posting about it on a future Harley Qwednesday. Maybe next Harley Qwednesday, if Bryan doesn't follow through with his promise!