Pinks: Flat Out

Whenever my family gets together I bring along my orange Hot Wheels track and we race for pink slips!

We head to the store and buy a few new Hot Wheels for everyone. Then we all draw numbers for positions, flip a coin for lane choice, and race - with the winner winning the loser's car. Or we'll challenge each other mano-a-mano style and best two out of three wins the loser's car!

Eventually we just race for fun, but the pink slip races are always the funnest because you've got something to gain and/or lose. And sometimes a cool car loses because it rolls off the track or because of a bad lane choice, not necessarily because it's slow. There's more to racing than just speed!

Here's my dad's Cadillac CTS-V (right lane) barely beating my Corvette Grand Sport while my nephew and daughter watch. A true photo-finish.

I'm gonna miss that car.

Here's my daughter watching my Enforcer come in last too. I need to pick faster cars next time!


  1. now THAT looks like some family fun to me :D

  2. This sounds like so much fun am going to have to do something like this with my friends sometime i think they would get a kick out of it. : )

  3. Supposedly, the line called Track Stars is made for racing. They have (ugh) plastic bodies, but heavy metal bases. They probably stay on the track pretty good.