Batman: The Brave and the Bold is the greatest thing ever.

And to prove it, I submit the following.

From Batman #676 (Batman: R.I.P.)

From 'The Knights of Tomorrow' (which can be viewed right now online at Cartoon Network.com.)

And originally hailing from the comic book 'Batman and Robin' I submit Flamingo, Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad!

This may have only been a brief montage scene and they may have changed a lot for the sake of a half hour story, but dammit Batman: The Brave and the Bold not only rocks because yes, they went there, but they go freakin' EVERYWHERE! And they do it, supposedly, on a kid's show aimed at the younger audiences!

Don't be fooled; they love us old geekzer types too. And I love them!


  1. i luv that show too, well what i've seen of it- i have no cable :(

  2. ...your lucky i'm not your neighbor, Dude

  3. haha if you were my neighbor Friday nights would be epic beer/Brave/Bold parties!

  4. This IS a pretty awesome show. Unfortunately it comes on at the same time as Attack of the Show so I don't watch it. Pitty CN can't replay other episodes at times. I mean, they ARE an all day network after all