It's not easy being Green...Arrow

DC Universe Classics Green Arrow, from Wave 9.

Green Arrow came with a bow (with arrow attached) and four 'trick' arrows. I didn't take pics of everything because my goal here was just cool pics and not a comprehensive review or look at GA.

But as for the look of the figure and his posability etc, Green Arrow is tops! His wrists have extra articulation for bow and arrow holding, and his right hand is posed to properly grip the non-business end of his arrows. Keen.

I did get a pic of him with the boxing glove arrow because there is nothing awesomer than a boxing glove arrow. In fact at my work there is archery equipment available, and one of my goals is to do a 'proof-of-concept' test on the boxing glove arrow. I'll try to get it on video when I get around to it.


  1. Love my Green Arrow i picked up Bubba. Where did you grab him at? Target had the one got on sale for $8 a few weeks back and was wondering did you manage to get yours at that price too.

  2. Nice score at $8, jboy! I never saw him in stores by me so I had to get him through a trade with a friend back east a few months ago.